Lipsey Legacy Society


Lipsey Legacy Society

The Lipsey Legacy Society honors those who have made an outright gift or planned commitment of $25,000 or more to the endowment. Through their generosity, these individuals are helping build a perpetual endowment fund in support of Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center Foundation. The endowment will support the fight against cancer and ensure our patients and their families have access to advanced, innovative care they need today and for generations to come. Please join this special community by making a gift to the Foundation.

The Lipsey Legacy Society was named in honor of Anna B. Lipsey, a visionary community philanthropist who worked tirelessly for the betterment of others. In the late 1960s, Anna saw the need for local, high-quality cancer care, and her inspired leadership helped lay the groundwork for the first radiation treatment facility in the Capital region.

In recognition of her volunteer service as a founder and secretary-treasurer of the board of directors from its inception in 1968 until shortly before her death in 1985, the board voted unanimously to posthumously install Mrs. Lipsey as secretary-treasurer emeritus.

Today, her legacy lives on through the Anna B. Lipsey Memorial Volunteer of the Year Award celebrating volunteers who dedicate their time to help those fighting cancer. In addition, the Lipsey Legacy Society recognizes donors for their support and commitment to secure the future of cancer care in our community for generations to come.

+ Lipsey Legacy Society Members

Anonymous - (12)

Robelynn H. Abadie

Lisa and Tom Adamek

Mr. and Mrs. Jeb Andrews

Laurie Aronson

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Barton, Jr.

Mr. John W. Barton, Sr. *

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Bernhard, Jr.

Evelyn Campbell Beven *

Dr. and Mrs. Bryan Bienvenu

Dr. and Mrs. Frederic Billings III

Kim A. Boudreaux

Mrs. Jane Thibaut Boyce *

Melanie and John Boyce

John and Beth Brantley

Jack and Carolyn Breaux

Renee Hebert Bryant *

Herbert H. Butt in Memory of Joan J. Butt

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Campbell, Jr.

The Ella Chance Family

Pat Cheramie

Beverly and Dudley Coates

Jess Willard Cockerham*

Charles Newsam Conner*

Violet T. Crum*

Jean H. Curet*

Mr. Louis D. Curet*

Mr. D. Cecil Delaune*

Ms. Elaine T. Delaune*

Leonard Boyd Delaune*

Hazel Ewing*

Isiah J. Ewing*

Mr. Art E. Favre

Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Fields

William A. Ferguson *

Leon Ford IV and Helen Ford Dufreche

Dr. John and Donna D. Fraiche

The Raymond and Mary Gettier Fund *

Charlie V. Giambelluca *

Devera and Jerry Goss

John and Cynthia Graves

Todd and Gwen Graves

Alíce and Bob Greer

Isaac and Florence* Gregorie

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Griffin

Mr. and Mrs. Lane Grigsby

David S. Hanson, MD and Jolene K. Johnson, MD

Mrs. Cecile B. Harrell *

Jack and Becky Harris

Dr. and Mrs. Gregory C. Henkelmann

The D. Jensen Holliday Family Fund

Dr. and Mrs. Sheldon A. Johnson

J. Gerard and Donna Jolly

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Jones

Esther Kent *

John Barkerand Shirley Coppenex Killgore

Dr. and Mrs. Maurice L. King, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony S. Kurlas Family

L. Perrie Lambert III *

Mary Aliciaand Bettye Lauret

Marianne and R. Upton Lea, Jr. *

Renee A. Levine, MD

Susan and Richard Lipsey

Wendy Lipsey

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth K. Lo

Don and Pat Lyle

Mrs. Paula Garvey Manship *

Frank and Kathy McArthur

Mrs. Sancy H. McCool *

Chuck* and Ruth McCoy

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph* J. McKernan

Lady Katharine McLaurin *

Anne and Tom Meek, Jr.

Marguerite H. Mills *

The Mockler Family

Mr. Hillar C. Moore, Jr. *

Mr. Thomas J. Moran *

Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Moser

Moyse Family Foundation

Rosalie Moyse *

Stephen R. Musso *

Earl E. Nelson

Ron and Corinne Helm Ness

Mrs. Eleanor P. Newman *

John and Virginia Noland

Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Nowacki

Craig and Cindy Nuckolls

Bill and Gail O’Quin

Dr. and Mrs. Judd Patten

Cherie and Billl Peters

Miss Emogene Pliner *

David C.* and Jeannie Price

Barbara Virginia Rathbone

Dr. and Mrs. M. J. Rathbone, Jr. *

Michele and Richard Rathbone

Allison and Blanchard Sanchez

Marjorie H. Sanders *

Mary Ella Sanders, MD

The Saurage Family

Donna M. Saurage

Charles Newton Schlatre, Sr.*

Elaine Kessler Schudmak *

Jerry* and Chuck Schwing

Ms. Ruth C. Sessions

Beverly Carson Smiley

Dr. Charles M. Smith

Derrick Spell, MD

Edward and Bernice Spiess

Kelli and Todd Stevens

Peter and Paige Stewart

Emily C. Stich

Dr. and Mrs. O. M. Thompson, Jr.

Paul R. and Mary H. Thompson

Felix and Lynn Weill

Ann Wilkinson

Dr. Charles and Brooke Wood


A Lipsey Legacy Society member will receive the following benefits:

  • Invitations to an annual society recognition celebration and other Cancer Center events
  • Annual Report, Community Report and Forward Report subscriptions

  • Online Recognition

Individuals who have made an outright gift or planned commitment of $10,000 or more will be recognized as Friends of the Endowment. They will be included in donor listings on our website and invited to Cancer Center events.