Tanie Bush

Over the years, Tanie Bush received numerous amounts of indecisive mammograms. Because of this, her doctor expressed the need for her to continuously check for anything out of the ordinary. Three months before her scheduled mammogram, Tanie called her doctor and described an irregularity she had found. Rather than waiting until her appointment, her doctor immediately ordered a mammogram, which was followed by a lumpectomy. Tanie then heard the three words no one wants to hear, “You have cancer.”

Prior to her diagnosis, Tanie participated in numerous fundraising events for the Cancer Center and loved watching it grow throughout the years. So in June 2016, while going through treatment, she decided to host an event of her own. Tanie, a yoga instructor at Yogalates II South in Baton Rouge, hosted the first ever Yoga on the Lawn which raise over $9,000 for the Cancer Center. 

While having cancer can cause both physical and emotional hardships, Tanie feels blessed that she has an amazing support system helping her through her cancer journey. “There are so many people who don’t have the resources and support systems needed when going through cancer treatment, so I try to give back and help in any way that I can. Everyone faces challenges in their lives, some big and some small, and it’s what you make of those challenges that makes you who you are. And you couldn’t do it without a place like Mary Bird.”

Ringing the bell was an incredible experience for Tanie. She was surrounded by family and friends who came to celebrate with her, and even threw a tailgate in the parking lot of the Cancer Center! “Mary Bird is an incredible place. They start taking care of you the second you drive into the parking lot. The staff takes a personal interest in the lives of every single patient, and there are not many places can you say that about. It is truly a blessing,” said Tanie.