Scott Gwatney

Ten years ago while attending a friend’s birthday party, Scott Gwatney notice his vision started to split. A 20 year old student at Louisiana State University at the time Scott didn’t think too much of it, but over the course of the next month he started experiencing bad headaches frequently. His doctor treated him for migraines, but the medicine wasn’t helping. After a few months of no relief, Scott went to the emergency room one evening where he received an MRI. 

He remembers the doctor who came in to deliver his results was wearing scrubs that were a different color than everyone else, and he knew that something was wrong. The neurologist told Scott it was a brain tumor. “When the doctor walked in, that’s the moment I realized I wasn’t bullet proof. I didn’t know when I would be leaving the hospital or what the next step would be.  My entire life was about to change,” said Scott.

Scott had the option of choosing anywhere he wanted to go for treatment. He recalls his family sitting him down and telling him the decision was his, and that they would support him wherever he wanted to go. Two weeks later, he told them that staying in Baton Rouge with Mary Bird Perkins was what felt right for him.  

After six rounds of chemo and four radiation treatments, Scott walked out of the Cancer Center on his last day with a feeling of excitement and a new attitude towards life. “At 20 years old, you realize that everything you looked forward to in life – graduating college, starting your career, getting married, having kids – all that may not be possible. It is hard to even try to express the gratitude I have for the staff at Mary Bird. Saying ‘thank you’ will never be enough. It is because of them that all of the things I looked forward to in life were possible,” Scott said, reflecting on his experience at the Cancer Center.

Scott made lasting friendships with many staff members at the Cancer Center and still keeps in touch with them today.