Lisa Prescott

Lisa Prescott’s days were spent caring for her family and running a successful business until the end of 2015 when she was diagnosed with B-cell Lymphoma. Unexpected weight gain, bruising easily, and swelling in her arm were the first signs that something was wrong. Lisa’s doctor ordered a CAT scan and found a fist-sized tumor in her chest. She began receiving chemo at the Cancer Center every three weeks followed by 20 rounds of radiation.

“Losing my hair was traumatic, but through this process you realize that you are stronger than you ever thought you were.” Lisa was determined to be strong for her 11 and 16 year old daughters. “I wanted my daughters to see that attitude makes all the difference when you are facing a challenge. Being courageous is how you have to deal with life.”

For Lisa, the Cancer Center became a place of comfort throughout her treatment. From the compassionate staff to the peaceful environment, she says it felt like home. “It’s really the little things that make the difference when you are nervous. I don’t want to say I looked forward to my treatments, but coming to the Center felt more like visiting friends and family.” 

Ringing the celebration bell was a significant moment for Lisa. “After ringing the bell, I felt freedom! I could stop wearing my wig and say to the world - here I am. I overcame! I don’t have to try to hide this anymore,” said Lisa.