Lisa Gilly

In May 2016, Lisa Gilly went in for her annual, routine mammogram as she has done for many years. This time, however, her doctor called to tell her the scans did not look good and she needed to come back for more tests. Following a 3D mammogram and an ultrasound, Lisa’s doctor informed her that she had breast cancer. The results showed that it was stage 0 and contained in the duct, which were both very positive signs. After undergoing two lumpectomies, she began receiving radiation five days a week for six weeks. 

A mother of two children ages 6 and 7, Lisa chose not to tell them what was going on. “My kids go to school with several children who are battling cancer. They pray for them daily and see that they are sick, losing their hair, and some are even in wheel chairs. I didn’t want them to think of their mom going through that and be scared,” said Lisa.

Lisa chose to go to most of her treatments alone, but when one of her best friends flew in town from Cleveland to see her, she went to the Cancer Center with Lisa. That was the moment that she realize how important it was to have friends and family around to offer that support. 

On the day of Lisa’s final treatment, she decided to bring her children. She remembers laying down to receive her final radiation treatment and praying that her children will never have to go through this, but knowing it’s important that they know what she went through. Lisa’s whole family was there that day to watch her ring the celebration bell. Lisa said, “Ringing the bell brings everything into perspective. I decided I needed to live in faith, not in fear.”