Larry Hubbard

Larry Hubbard has come to know the staff at the Cancer Center quite well. Six years ago, he was diagnosed with cancer in his salivary glands. After a successful surgery, Larry received radiation treatment 5 days a week for 26 sessions. When he completed treatment, it was a very happy day. But Larry would find himself back in treatment just last year when he was diagnosed with skin cancer. 

While Larry was scared when the doctor said he once again had cancer, he was comforted knowing that the staff at the Cancer Center would ensure his experience would be a pleasant one. “I remember the first time I walked in the doors of the center. The lady who greeted me was delightful and immediately I felt at ease. It was a perfect first impression,” said Larry.

When the day came for Larry to ring the celebration bell for the second time, he asked “How loud can I ring it?” He went on to say, “I pulled the rope so hard that I nearly broke it. Nurses and doctors were popping out of every direction to celebrate with me.” 

For Larry, the celebration bell was so important towards his attitude throughout treatment. It gave Larry something to look forward to – a goal he set for himself. “When you hear the bell ring, you know you’re walking out for the last time,” said Larry.